1)         When can a premature or full-term baby begin swaddle bathing with the TurtleTub?

Follow hospital guidelines for bathing if they are available and use your clinical judgment to determine if a bath will compromise an infant’s medical stability.  See our Swaddle Bathing Clinical Practice Guideline for more information. 

2)         Can full-term babies be immersion or swaddle bathed with the TurtleTub?

Absolutely! The current research recommends immersion bathing or swaddle bathing for healthy infants. Healthy babies should have their baths delayed:

i)       AWHONN recommends 2-4 hours

ii)     WHO recommends 6+ hours

3)         Can infants with NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome) be swaddle bathed in the TurtleTub?

Yes! Babies with NAS are comforted when swaddled and placed in warm water.   You can swaddle bathe daily for comfort but use cleanser only 2 to 3 times per week to avoid dryness.  Swaddle bathing with the TurtleTub is an activity that the family can do with their infant while in the hospital.  The family can continue to swaddle bathe once the infant goes home. 

4)         What size baby will the TurtleTub accommodate?

The TurtleTub is designed for premature infants and full-term newborns. On the small end – refer to #1 above. Full-term and larger pre-term babies fit perfectly in the TurtleTub too. The maximum size is: Crown-to-rump measurement is 15 inches (38cm) or total length approximately 23 inches (58 cm).

5)         How do we clean the fleece blanket?

The fleece blanket can be re-used on multiple patients if it is laundered per your hospital protocol for “baby laundry.”  A clean supply of fleece blankets should always be available in your unit.  

6)         How long is a swaddle bath?

A swaddle bath is typically no longer than 7-10 minutes.  Monitor the water temperature throughout the bath to ensure the infant stays warm. 

7)         How can we involve parents?

Schedule the first bath with the parents.  Talk them through the procedure as you simply keep your hands on the baby’s head for comfort and safety.   Infants typically calm during the bath, so parents enjoy doing it. It is one of the few “typical parenting activities” in the NICU.  Consider scheduling bath days for the infant and reserve the bathing for the parents.  If they are unable to come, the nurse or developmental team member can give the bath.  

8)         What else can be accomplished during the bath?

As you teach parents bathing, a great opportunity presents itself for talking about infant development, calming strategies, bonding, and basic infant caregiving.  Swaddle bathing is a good time to get a sense of how comfortable a parent is with their infant so you can adjust education. 

9)         Can we order separate supplies?

The TurtleTub comes as a kit with the fleece blanket, soap, rinse cup, scalp brush, and sterile washcloths.  Many items can be purchased separately.  Please refer to our web site for ordering information.

10)     Can we use the tub on more than one patient?

The TurtleTub is designed as a single-patient use product unless it is used with our proprietary liners.  For infection control purposes, a tub should not be used on more than one patient, unless our single-use liners are used.  Ideally a new TurtleTub is provided to each patient and the family can take the tub home at discharge.  

11)     Can we use the TurtleTub on multiple patients and clean it between uses?

This is highly discouraged for infection control reasons. Newborn infants are susceptible to infection so they should have their own tub or the TurtleTub can be re-used on multiple patients by using our proprietary disposable liners.

12)     How do we clean the TurtleTub between uses?

Cleaning for single-patient-use: Wash the TurtleTub with gentle soap and water and dry.

Cleaning for multi-patient-use: Discard TurtleTub liner. Wash the TurtleTub according to multi-patient hospital protocol. We recommend PDI Sani-Cloth Super (purple top) wipe to clean the tub.

13)     How long does the temperature strip last?

The TurtleTub is covered under warranty for 1 year if used per the manufacturers recommendations.


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